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I have been involved in education in several capacities from instructing elementary and junior high students to soldiers for many years. In my roles as a parent and educator, I spent countless hours reading aloud. It was an outgrowth of my addiction to books from childhood. I was the student caught with a book in my lap when I should have been absorbing the finer points of arithmetic. With encouragement from family, I have embarked on a journey to create the kind of stories that I hope will captivate readers transporting them to faraway times and places.  

Why I write

 I find myself awakened or maybe it’s dreaming of plot variations or other aspects of stories in the middle of the night. No, I do not get up and write them down at least not yet. I am convinced that the reason I’m able to sit at the computer or  with a notebook and pencil to write is due to the hundreds or maybe thousands of books I’ve read or listened to since childhood. It’s why I’m so adamant about kids reading good wholesome books that can spark imagination not sitting in front of video games and television which rob them of that gift. To that end, I  write. I encourage other grandparents and parents to consider writing their own stories as well. I will be forever grateful to my publisher, Gina McKnight, and my cover illustrator, Logan Rogers, for an opportunity to work with them.

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