Montana Musings

January 2021

 New year, new beginnings. Hopefully, a more productive year when it comes to writing. This past year saw the bane of every writer, rejection by the establishment publishing industry. Self-publishing is pushed as an option but ends up being a risky financial proposition. Have found a potentially free podcast site and if I can get the acoustics right will begin to read my own work for the enjoyment of young listeners and families. This will be my last year involved in education in order to focus on writing/recording and other projects. My heart has always been with reading, imagination, and stories that transport readers to faraway places and times.  The aim is to pull kids and parents away from other media even if only for a short time and help them glimpse new places and characters. As the podcast comes to fruition I'll create a link from this site. Please consider joining me on the journey.


February 2021


February in Northwest Montana can be rather chilly. Like most of the center of the country we got our share of the cool down. My personal scale is ; 15-0 is frisky, 0-(-10) is chilly, -10-(-20) is a little on the cold side. For new arrivals to the Flathead Valley this can be a rather rude awakening . Having grown up in this kind of climate in the Midwest (Wisconsin)  it's no big deal. "No such thing as bad weather just wrong clothing." After all you can only take off so much in a hot climate before you get arrested. Will try to get in some winter series rodeo in the arena up the road before the season is over. I love living in a state where it's not uncommon to see school kids wearing boots. Unfortunately with all the Covid mess this year we've seen a large influx of newcomers into the Flathead. Those who can work remotely are fleeing the urban areas for the relative safety of Montana. Realtors and builders are seeing an enormous boom. Beginning to feel a bit crowded here. They're taking too much to heart our "last best place" moniker.  

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