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The Big Sky Boys - Recommended Read - 20
The Big Sky Boys And Life on the Spinnin' Spur

ISBN 9780578511009

Set in the West of bygone years, the Big Sky Boys live and work together on the Spinnin’ Spur ranch along with the ranch cook and Rooster's pet armadillo, Albert. They work the hard life of cowboys, but there’s always a way to have a little fun while working! From bronc busting to birthday parties to making music, you never can tell what will happen. And even though there’s plenty of teasing that goes on, in the end they are the best of partners

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Works in Progress

Grandmothers Fan

Emily Tanaka was changed forever after her reluctant visit to grandmother. By the time she left she had an appreciation of her heritage which she’d not had before, and a story stored in her mind which had come to her in a most unusual way.

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